Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Clinic Hair dye in Blue Black Review

     It's starting to get colder and it's getting darker faster. To match my hair to the colder months, I decided to dye my hair a more sinister color, and a color I've been wanting to dye my hair for a long time, blue black.  
    Since I enjoyed the last Clinic hair dye, which was the red one, I decided to buy the blue black one that they were selling. I went with the regular Clinic hair dye, not the henna one.

NOTE: I had red, bleached hair before I dyed it the blue black hair dye. Therefore, you might not have the same results as I do. 

Process: ****
-As usual,  I made a mess dying my hair. The hair kit was exactly like the last Clinic hair dye I reviewed, with the included comb  and poncho. While I was washing the hair dye out, the water became clear within 20-30 minutes of rinsing it out. The included shampoo and conditioner was sufficient for my short hair, but you can use your own shampoos and conditioners as well.

Color: *****
-I LOVED the color! At first, the dye on my hair looked green , so I started to get worried. But slowly, I saw the color process and it turned into this beautiful blue black color. The blue can be seen in the sunlight and brighter lightings, but it just looks like a really dark blue black color on the hair. However, I saw the blue kinda fading out of my hair after the 2nd wash, so that's upsetting. I didn't really mind if the blue faded because I was aiming to have black hair anyway. But, the blue tint is there!

Price: *****
-It's 8.99, around $9.30 with tax. It's in the drugstore box hair dye range, but with more freebies. You can buy this at any asian beauty store, but you can also order it online if you'd like.

This photo doesn't really show the blue tint, but this is after the 2nd -3rd wash of my hair. 
But, like I said, you can definitely see the blue tint in the sunlight. 


I would definitely recommend this hair dye brand. The blue black is actually a blue black, unlike other "blue black" hair dyes that claim that they are the color, but it's just a flat out black. It didn't really damage my hair, and make it feel more softer after dying it. I've gotten a lot of compliments on my hair! Maybe next time I'll purchase the henna version of this one. It does fade quickly; for me it faded within a week or so (depends on how many times you wash you hair, I wash mine nearly everyday ). So, maybe the henna version might work out better next time. 

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