Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Adidas Tiro 15 Track Jacket and Track Pants

     I know that these have been out for quite some time, but after wanting them for 3 years I finally got them!

Adidas Tiro 15 Training Jacket:
adidas - Tiro 15 Training Jacket Black  /  White  /  Black M64058
(source: www.adidas.com)

Size: *****
-It fits perfectly on me. I ordered the small size, but I got hesitant thinking it was too small. Fortunately, it fit perfectly.

-I guess because it's new it hasn't really "broken down" onto my body yet, if you get what I mean. It feels new, but at the same time it fits nice and snuggly onto my body.

Smell?: *****
-When I opened up the Adidas package, I smelled the track jacket, and surprisingly it smelled faintly of cologne. I liked it, but I found it very strange as new clothing usually smells...new.

Design: *****
-The reason why I bought this jacket was because I was watching this Naruto episode and Minato was wearing a jacket with 3 stripes down the side when he saved Kushina in this filler episode of Naruto. Overall, it's very minimalist but still looked modern and fresh at the same time.

Sponsored by: Adidas

Adidas Tiro 15 Track Pants

adidas - Tiro 15 Training Pants Black  /  White  /  Black M64030

Size: ***
-I'm actually pretty unsure if the size fits right. In the picture, the pants seem to fit just right on the model, but on me, it's a bit looser around the thighs and calve area. However, my friend who's actually sponsored by Adidas said that it was normal. My mother said the same thing, that it was normal and it'll eventually shrink in the wash. I dunno. I feel like the pants are too loose, and hopefully I'll be able to order an extra small next time.

Comfort: ****
-The pants feel nice on the legs,  but the thing that urks me the most is the zipper on the side. I actually didn't know there was a zipper on the pants, as it's not seen in the photo the model is in. It kind of itches and it's cold, and you know it's there. It's not too much of a bother, but I'd rather prefer it without the zipper.

Design; *****
-The pants are black with white stripes, and like the track jacket, it's very minimalist, but looks fresh and modern. Every time I see a guy or girl wearing Adidas track pants, I immediately like them. I don't know...something about the Adidas Track pants transforms a persons appearance and makes them more badass looking? +10000 style points to anyone who owns and wears Adidas track pants.

- I had a 15 perfect off coupon, so instead of paying the full price I got 6 dollars off. I feel like both items were a bit pricey, but both worth the price as they will last long and be with me for a long time until it's time for them to get replaced. I definitely prefer the track jacket over the track pants, but I love both of them!

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Best dressed at Met Gala

Best Dressed at Met Gala 2016
by Ifra Mahmood, staff reporter

When the Manus x Machina exhibit opened at this year's Met Ball, it featured work by Vuitton, Chanel, and Dior. These are some of the best dressed looks selected by vogue. These are looks that exhibit the theme of Fashion in an Age of Technology ​in many different forms.
1) Kate Bosworth: in Dolce & Gabbana 2) Blake Lively: in Burberry 3) Emily Ratajkowski: in Prabal Gurung 4) Alexa Chung: in Thakoon 5) Jourdan Dunn: in Balmain 6) Kate Upton: in Topshop


7) Ciara: in H&M 8) Kim Kardashian, Kylie & Kendall Jenner: in Balmain 9) Karlie Kloss: in custom Brandon Maxwell and Repossi jewels 10) Kate Hudson: in Atelier Versace and Giuseppe Zanotti shoes 11) Lady Gaga: in Versace
Met-Gala-2016-Red-Carpet-Fashion-Trends-Metallics-Tom-Lorenzo-Site-4.jpggigi1.jpg836b07f1c95aa9f4f74d11b5ce971274 joan-smalls-jourdan-dunn-met-gala-2016.jpgnina-dobrev-met-gala-2016-ball-2.jpgimage.jpg
12) Florence Welch: in Gucci 13) Gigi Hadid & Zayn Malik: in Tommy Hilfiger & Versace
14) Nina Dobrev: in Marchesa 15) Claire Danes: in Zac Posen 16) Karolina Kurkova: in Marchesa 17) Joan Smalls: in Balmain

Monday, May 9, 2016

How to get lavender hair

1. Prep your hair. I put on coconut oil throughout my entire head, put it in a plastic bag, and waited 3 hours so it can sink into my hair. This provides a barrier between your hair and the bleach, but it doesn't affect the performance of the bleach. DO NOT SHAMPOO IT OUT! LEAVE IT IN AS YOU APPLY BLEACH TO YOUR HAIR.

2. Bleach your hair. Please PLEASE take the time to apply the bleach evenly to your hair, because it'll make applying the hair dye so much easier. Also, make sure the hair is a light yellow color (similar to the color of the inside of a banana peel). Make sure there are NO orange tones in your hair. I sectioned off my hair into four parts and then applied the L'Oreal blue bleach with the Clairol 30 volume (white bottle) developer.

3. TONE your hair.  I used the Wella T18 toner all over my hair with a small bottle of Clairol 20 volume developer.

4. I used Manic Panic Ultraviolet hair dye mixed with a ton of dollar tree conditioner. I left this in for 3 hours. DO NOT SHAMPOO YOUR HAIR! Just rinse the color out as much as you can and condition it again.

 (with flash)

5. This is the end result! When it fades out, there's still some darker blonde spots, but I don't really mind. It adds dimension and all my friends said it looked nice. Good luck!

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Holika Holika Pro: Beauty Enamel Volip Tint OR01 Citrine Peach

Spring is here, and bright and colorful colors are in! I'm really digging the color peach right now, so after watching a video reviewing the volip tints, I saw a gorgeous peach color and immediately bought it on Ebay.

Price: *****
-I thought it was a pretty decent price for a lip tint. It's like the price of a regular drugstore lipstick.

Packaging: *****
-It comes with a dough foot applicator that holds a good amount of product. The exterior packaging itself is very sleep. It has a black top and a shiny bottom that varies in color depending on what shade you buy.

Application: *****
-It glides on so smoothly across the lips. The color is distributed evenly across the lips and it can be built up.

-It's like a tint gloss. It's very shiny, but it's not sticky when you press your lips together. But, it's not too slippery to the point where it'll slip and slide off the lips. It stays on very nicely and won't bleed out

Staying power: ****
-Since it doesn't dry down, and stays at a glossy state, it does affect the staying power. If you eat or drink, this will come off. In my personal experience, if the weather was a bit windy, I found that it dried out and made my lips feel crusty.

Color: *****
-It's a very pretty peachy orange color. It's not too overwhelming, but it's a subtle color that still shows on your lips and tints it.

Overall: ****
-The color's nice, and the texture of the lip tint glides on smoothly. Unlike other lip tints, it doesn't dry out your lips as much, and has more hydrating properties to it. I would recommend this 10/10!