Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Clinic Color Cherry Red Review

Clinic Color Cherry Red review
By Kelly Leem, junior fashion blogger

I decided to try out a new hair dye to touch up my red hair. The other one I used, Garnier Olia Dark Garnet Red, did give me the color I wanted. However, it was constantly bleeding out whenever I washed my hair. It was really frustrating. I stopped by my local beauty supply store and decided to try it out. Even though I was hesitant on using it because it was a hair dye that I’ve never heard of and used.

Note: This is a Korean brand hair dye, so the instructions are written in Korean.

Price: *****
-The retail price is $8.99 (without tax). Compared to other drugstore hair brands that cost $12-$14 dollars, this one was a bargain!

Color: *****
-The color displayed on the box looked really nice, and since I already had red hair, (the dye faded), I just wanted to touch it up. It’s a vibrant cherry red color.

Application: ****
-I’m generally not very good at applying hair dye. It always ends up on my face, my legs, and even ended up on my elbow one time. The hair dye came in its usual hair dye applicator, developer and colorant with the narrow nozzle that squeezed the product out. The dye brush it came with made it really easy to dye my hair and evenly distributed the product.

Packaging: *****
-In this little box of hair dye, a plastic poncho, gloves, the applicator, shampoo and hair treatment, and a dye brush was included!!! A DYE BRUSH!!! I have never ever seen a drugstore hair dye give so many things out to make sure your hair dying process isn’t as messy.

Amount of Product: ****
-I do have short hair (up to the shoulders), so I figured one box would be enough. The applicator is kind of small, so I was afraid it wouldn’t cover my entire head. It ended up doing so, but I didn’t get to saturate my entire head with the dye, so some parts are still that faded red color that I wanted to cover up. If you have longer hair, I recommend you get 3 boxes instead, just in case you need more.

Smell: ****
-It’s the usual hair dye smell. However, it wasn’t too strong in the hair dye. The shampoo and conditioner smelled divine!

Quality: *****
- It came with so many products that allowed the process of dying my hair much more easier. The shampoo and conditioner are small samples, but they made my hair so soft and fragrant. Unlike other red hair dyes, the water ran clear and after another shower 2 days later after one rinse and the color stayed in my hair and didn’t bleed out as much.

Overall: I think I’ll be using this hair dye from now on. It’s $8.99 with tax, making it $9.16! It’s more cheaper then the Olia hair dye I previously used and has more quality to it! I’m going to review another hair dye soon in a few weeks after the hair dye fades a bit.

The front, side, and back of the packaging.

What's included in the hair box: A dye brush, the cream developer and color, leave in conditioner, gloves, and a plastic poncho for easy application (it's inside the plastic bag) 

What the color looks in the tube. 

How it looks when the cream developer and color is mixed together

How it looks in my hair (it was previously dyed red)


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