Friday, December 18, 2015

EOS visibly soft lip balm: Blackberry Nectar


It’s beginning to look a lot  like Christmas....but it’s also beginning to look like people’s lips are shedding. I swear, I don’t know how some people go without lip balm. I know I can’t. Soft lips are a MUST for me! Which is why I decided to go buy myself an EOS lip balm. I decided to get the purple one, since I’m really loving the color.

In my honest opinion, the EOS lip balm isn’t the most moisturizing.  I tried the mint one, and it made my lips more dry then moisturized. After that, I stopped buying them and went for the Lypsl lip balm instead, and boy oh boy I DON’T regret the switch! But, I just ran out *cries* so I just decided to buy an EOS lip balm.

Flavor: ***
-Like all EOS lip balms, the taste is very artificial. The purple EOS’s flavor is blackberry nectar. To me, it doesn’t taste yummy at all. It tastes...fake.

Smell: ***
-Like it’s taste, the smell also smells artificial. At first, I was really digging the smell because it reminded me of a blueberry tart. After using it, I just started to get sick of the smell. After applying it on the lips, the smell doesn’t linger.

Packaging: *****
-I really love the soft purple color! The stripes also added a little spunk to the packaging.

Effectiveness: ****
-I usually use this lip balm in conjunction with other lip balms (like my Lypsl lip balm and my Rose bud Salve). Alone, it’s actually pretty nice! It adds a light layer of balm onto your lips without being too heavy, and moisturizes fairly nicely. After wiping it off, I feel like my lips are nice and soft, and don’t get dry as much.

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