Friday, April 15, 2016

Make up ideas for Prom

Makeup ideas for Prom
by Maddy Heinsen, staff reporter

As Prom season approaches, senior girls are deciding on dresses, hairstyles, shoes, dates, jewelry and makeup for prom. Now, that most senior girls have chosen their dresses, decisions regarding makeup are beginning to surface.  

Here are some ideas for pink dresses. To accentuate the color of the dress, matching the eyeshadow will allow for a more unified look. By doing so, the eyeshadow and the dress reflect off each other while adding desired definition.

Here are some makeup ideas for pink dresses:

Here are some makeup ideas for black dresses:
Red Dresses are very common for prom. For a simple look, here’s a makeup style that won’t take eye’s off your dress.

For green dresses:

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