Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Liole Photogenic Mix Concealer Review

Liole mix concealer
by Kelly Leem, editor

I have dark circles under my eyes from the lack of sleep I get everyday. I literally have 50 shades of grey under my eyes. So, I’ve been searching for a good concealer that would counteract those blueish purple circles. On Amazon, I found this concealer from a famous Korean brand called Liole. It had really cute packaging and two different shades of concealer that would allow me to mix them for the perfect color. Before I actually bought it, I read some reviews to make sure it was actually a product worth paying for. Despite the small amount of reviews, I decided to order it and give it a try.
Color: *****
-It comes with two different colors, a lighter one and darker one, so you can mix them into the perfect skin color match. There’s only one shade to this line, which is unfortunate.

Consistency: ****
-I don’t really like cream based concealers because they always tend to feel drier and patchy under my eyes, but this concealer is actually a bit more hydrating. If you warm it up first, it turns into this really nice creamy consistency that applies nicely onto the skin without looking patchy.

Coverage: ****
-It has a light to medium coverage depending on how much product you put on. It covers redness really nicely (especially around the nose). However, applying it on blemishes accentuates it more, so I wouldn’t recommend doing so. It also covers my pigmented lips pretty nicely. It's a very creamy consistency, so I recommend you heat it up a bit (tip: apply it with your finger tips to warm it up and get the fullest coverage) to make is apply smoother.

Packaging: *****
-It’s so cute! It came in a pink and shiny box. When you open it, it has a shiny pink surface to it and a mirror inside the compact.

Lasting Power: *****
-I covered the redness around my nose (which tends to be oily) and went out to hang out with my friends. About four hours later, the product was still there even when I didn’t set it with a powder!

Shipping time: ****
-Since it was international, it took a long time to come. I think it was a month. Since I ordered it on Amazon, I was able to track it, so it wasn’t too big of a problem.

Overall, I really liked this concealer! 

It has a really shiny and pretty pink cover.

The shade comparisons (left: the lightest shade, right: the darkest shade). What you see is what you get.

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