Saturday, April 9, 2016

Wet n Wild Glitter Singles

     I've been really loving glitter, And I've been seeing girls put glitter on their cheeks and it's the cutest thing ever!

(source: Pinterest)
    So, I decided to go to my local drugstore and pick up one of the glitter singles since it looked like they packed a lot of glitter for a pretty low price.

Color: ****
-It has sort of holographic glitters in it that shines a orangey greenish blueish silver color depending on the lighting and how it hits the glitter. I actually like it! I was looking for a more pinkish color, but this is nice too

Texture: ****
-When you dip your hand into the pan, you can feel the glitter embedded into the jelly that has the actual glitter in it. When applied to the skin, the glitter doesn't feel scratchy and sticks nicely to the skin.

Glitter payoff: *****
-You can definitely customize how much glitter you want. It's build able so you can build up the opacity of the glitter on the skin.

Removal: ***
-It's a pain to take off. Because it sticks to the skin nicely, it kind of clings on and doesn't let go. Which is a good and bad thing. For me, it's both. The glitter gets EVERYWHERE when you try to take it off. It gets all over your hands, and on objects you wouldn't even think glitter would get on.

Price: *****
-You get a lot for what you pay for! If you're a glitter lover, I think this is worth it.

Overall:  It's pretty good for the price! I'll probably buy some more!

The camera didn't capture the glitter as well as it should have, but I guarantee you that it's very bright and eye catching!

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