Thursday, April 7, 2016

Peeling off a New look

Peeling Off a New Look
-Adriana Loh
Lately there has been a new trend going around the internet. Known beauty gurus of the internet such as RCLbeauty101 and Tina Yong have done reactions, DIY’s and impressions based off this new look. Peel-off makeup has gained high popularity within a month.
Peel-off makeup is supposed to give a light tint without actually applying makeup and worrying about leaving residue. Their products range from only lip stains, eyeshadow tattoos, and eyebrow tints. Some people believe it’s a new way save time, others people wouldn’t even be seen in public like this.
“I rarely use makeup, but I think it’s something fun to try out, but not to actually go out on a day to day basis with it. I would use if for just something to play with, but other than that it’s not worth it to spend the money and time trying it out when you can actually be doing your makeup yourself” stated by Liliana Martinez sophomore from RFK High School.
Whether this is a beneficial or a playful new makeup product, it’s a new fad that has surfaced the internet that can be worth a try for anyone. Most people are still sharing their opinions and thoughts on the product but still hasn’t reached as much notoriety yet.

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