Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Holika Holika Pro: Beauty Enamel Volip Tint OR01 Citrine Peach

Spring is here, and bright and colorful colors are in! I'm really digging the color peach right now, so after watching a video reviewing the volip tints, I saw a gorgeous peach color and immediately bought it on Ebay.

Price: *****
-I thought it was a pretty decent price for a lip tint. It's like the price of a regular drugstore lipstick.

Packaging: *****
-It comes with a dough foot applicator that holds a good amount of product. The exterior packaging itself is very sleep. It has a black top and a shiny bottom that varies in color depending on what shade you buy.

Application: *****
-It glides on so smoothly across the lips. The color is distributed evenly across the lips and it can be built up.

-It's like a tint gloss. It's very shiny, but it's not sticky when you press your lips together. But, it's not too slippery to the point where it'll slip and slide off the lips. It stays on very nicely and won't bleed out

Staying power: ****
-Since it doesn't dry down, and stays at a glossy state, it does affect the staying power. If you eat or drink, this will come off. In my personal experience, if the weather was a bit windy, I found that it dried out and made my lips feel crusty.

Color: *****
-It's a very pretty peachy orange color. It's not too overwhelming, but it's a subtle color that still shows on your lips and tints it.

Overall: ****
-The color's nice, and the texture of the lip tint glides on smoothly. Unlike other lip tints, it doesn't dry out your lips as much, and has more hydrating properties to it. I would recommend this 10/10!

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