Friday, September 23, 2016

Fashion trends and where they come from

by Nicole Stemmler, staff reporter

One of the fashion trends for this season is ruffled
looks. Photo attribution to Aveda Corporation on Flickr.
With NY fashion week ascending upon us, new trends are in style.

Everyone who is looking for the latest and the greatest benefits in clothes are paying very close attention to the trends on the runway. Anyone who wants to look like an “it girl” is not only paying attention to the clothes on the runway, but also the hair, makeup, and atmosphere of their favorite designers’ shows. Many people underestimate the atmosphere of the fashion show when in reality, it is one of the most important parts of the show because they tell the consumer how the designer wants you to feel when wearing the clothes.

According to Stylecaster, this season’s trends are statement furs, ruffled looks, nude tones, and metallics. These trends are very bold looks that require thoughtful planning to put together. This is why fashion designers have been working all year, finding ways to wear these looks. Many companies have been patiently and excitedly waiting for months to be able to show off their new lines and it is finally time.  

Have you ever wondered, how companies like Ralph Lauren and Versace, as well as department stores like Macy's and T.J Maxx, are all now sporting the trends that Stylecaster has identified? Well, here is the answer provided by Trend books. It is a large misconception that trends are decided from the people wearing the clothes. This is a misconception that 8th grader Sasha Romero had. She said “ trends come from social media, a picture will become viral and that is the start of the trend” the way trends come to life is actually not the people it is through companies that make trend books.

Trend books are a top secret part of the fashion industry that not many people know about. There is an association whose job is to decide what colors are in season, their names, and the types of clothes, makeup, and hairstyles that will be on trend. These companies release the trend books a year in advance so that subscribers can plan ahead.

Companies have the option to pay for the services of the trend book so that their clothes will be up to date with their peers who are using them. According to a disclaimed professor at FIT, some companies, when asked if they are subscribed to the books deny subscription because they want to look like they came up with these ideas on their own, but in fact, many of those companies do subscribe.

Though these companies that produce trend books do define fashion, at the end of the day, it is the people's choices as to what becomes popular. For example, the trend companies can tell the subscribers that shoulder pads will be back in style fall of 2016, but if the consumers do not buy items with shoulder pads, companies will not order more shipments for anything with shoulder pads.

Trend books have defined fashion for many years, yet many consumers have not been educated about how powerful these companies really are. The trend book companies have not released the trend book and for that reason, the general public has not gotten the opportunity to better understand how the fashion works.

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