Friday, September 30, 2016

FentyXPuma vs. Rihanna’s fashion moments

by Nicole Stemmler, staff reporter

Rihanna’s many defining fashion moments have given her a high fashion profile, which led her to the opportunity to have a line working with Puma.

Rihanna's new shoes have caused even more admiration on Rihanna's inherit style than ever before. While admiring Rihanna's new shoes, I have found a correlation between her real life fashion moments and her new line with Puma.

Rihanna's 2013 Grammy Awards dress and The Trainer. Photo attribution to The Grammys and Rihanna.

Rihanna's stunning look at the 2013 Grammy Awards and her new shoes called,
The Trainer, have a similar quality to them. Both the shoe and the dress are almost the same color. Rihanna's new shoes can be purchased on Puma's website when they are put back in stock.

“I think there really nice I like the red shoes the most they really caught my attention,” junior Giuliana Pezzino said.

Picture of The Creeper shown on Puma's website.

Rihanna wore this next look on her 73rd date, Anti World Tour. This look stood out because of her wide range of style. It shows a very similar vibe to the currently sold out shoe called, The Creeper.

Rihanna wore fur covered look to an interview with Good Morning America. This look shocked many because it is such a sweet, chic style, compared to her usual edgy outfits. This oversized fur scarf reminds me of The Fur Slides which come in pink, black, white, and gray.

On Monday, November 24th, 2008 Rihanna stunned the attendees at the American Music Awards by wearing this leather outfit. These shoes called, The Sneakerboot Wedge, have such a similar edgy style with not only leather but also the chains. This shoe is not yet available, but is coming very soon.
Rihanna's shoes have become as popular as her own fashion style. Almost all of Rihanna's shoes have gone out of stock, but will be available soon. Go pick up a pair of unique Fenty x Puma once the shoes are back in stock.

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