Thursday, September 25, 2014

Spook people with your halloween nails

DIY- Spooky Eye Nails
by Yura Shin

Painting spooky eyes on your nails is a perfect and simple way to participate in Halloween spirit without being too dramatic. The design only consists of two colors, making it very calm and subtle.

Materials: Black nail polish, white nail polish, top coat nail polish, dotting tool, and any plastic or cardboard to put the nail polish on.

-Paint all your nails black. Double coat your nails if needed.

-With your white nail polish, pour some out onto any plastic or cardboard. Take your dotting tool and dip it into the poured out white nail polish. Dotting tools can be purchased from any beauty supply store, or you can use the end of a needle and/or use the eraser of a number two mechanical pencil.

-With the dotting tool that is dipped in the white nail polish, make eyeballs on the upper side of each nail. Make sure to have two eyeballs for each nail and make sure to have some space in between the eyeballs. You don’t want your eyeballs to be stuck to each other. Continue this step on both hands.

-After the white is completely dried, take your black nail polish and pour some out on any plastic or cardboard. Then take a smaller dotting tool, or the same one, and dip it in the black nail polish. The black polish is going to be the pupils. With the dotting tool, dot your eyeballs. You can dot it on the inside or on the side of your eye dot. Each eye does not need to look the same. Be creative. You can have cross eyed nails or wacky eyes.

-After your nails are semi dry, apply your top coat.

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