Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Hair coloration is here to stay… semi-permanently (Part 2)

Hair Dye causing a Manic Panic among everyone - part 2 the struggle and the color 

by Adva Fuchs

The trend is here to stay and everyone is buzzing from luscious lavender locks to bright blue braids, and now its your turn. Coloring hair, especially to extreme shades like green, blue, and pink, is not a one step process and in fact requires strenuous amounts patience and time. But even before the actual hair dying process one must pick a color (or two) and a brand which they trust.

First and foremost: Buy your hair dye from a reliable source. Many times people get cheated by buying dye they think is “Brand Name” for a lower cost only to later find it circling their drain after the first wash.  Stores like Ricky’s NYC and Hot Topic will always have the official Brand Name dye or if you’re lazy (like me) buy it off a reputable site like the brand website, Sally Beauty, Ulta, Sourpuss, or Hair Crazy.  

The Hair dyes I trust the most:

Special effects for its long lasting ability and beautiful shade variations
Manic Panic for its amazing color combinations and pastelizor
Sparks for their innovative color technology and shade intensifier/pastelizor
NEVER EVER USE SPLAT HAIR DYE!!! Sorry guys I know that Splat is the easiest to find, as well as the cheapest, but it’s really not worth your time! Splat causes breakage and damages hair (without even using the bleach!!).

The two rules to great hair dye; number one, always listen to the punk kids (they know their stuff!), and number two, if it SMELLS like a fruit because of the color (like cherry for red dye and grape for Purple dye) IT’S A FAKE DO NOT USE IT!!

What color is right for your life style?

Many people out to copy this trend assume that picking a dye is as easy as picking your favorite color. Unfortunately for them, they have a whole lot of disappointment coming their way. Although in theory any one can just pick their favorite color, it really all depends on the life style you have. Do you exercise constantly, whether a sport or going to the gym? Do you spend a lot of time outdoors in sunny conditions? The results of these activities can lead to a hair color massacre if one isn't safe about the color they pick.

 The sporty girls (or guys):You guys love the feeling of adrenaline rushing through your veins and sweat trickling down your neck. You tend to do a lot of hard core activities which, of course, leads to those long hot showers at the end of your work out. If this is you, BE AWARE; all that sweat on your scalp and in your hair is going to need a good rinse and if you exercise daily or more than 3 days a week, those are at least 3 hot showers that can cause your nice expensive color to go swirling down the drain. Hair dye and hot water don’t mix and can cause that beautiful saturated color you want to become a pale, streaky mess.
Suggestions: pick darker colors like dark vampire reds or midnight blues to help keep your color as long as possible. If you have a color in mind, go with brands that have amplified color dyes. These will usually hold out for longer periods of time.

§  Vampire Red
§  After Midnight Blue
§  Purple Haze

Outdoorsy Types: You're the type of people who love being in the fresh air and blazing sun. Unfortunately that means the big STD, Sun Time Damage. Although the sun’s rays are good for your skin (to a certain extent), the sun is not your hairs friend! With certain hair dyes exposure to the sun too soon after coloring can result in breakage and lightened streaks (which is why so many dyes have instructions to stay away from sunlight after bleaching or dying hair).
Suggestions: I order to avoid streaks try to pick a color with different hues like turquoise greens and violets. The different hues in the dye will create variations of color in your hair shading sun caused streaks and causing them to go unnoticed!


·    Special Effects
§    Wild Flower 
·    Sparks 
§    Green Envy  
·     Punky Colour
§  Violet
§   Turquoise 

Blondes: For those of you with light, natural, “platinum” color you’re in luck. You can choose any color you want! Having light hair is a plus, the lighter and less brassy your hair is, the easier it is to dye it and get the color you want.
Suggestions: Although with some products, the dye can “stick” better to damaged hair. So if your blonde hair just isn't cutting it, or if you want a less brassy tone (whiter) before you dye use a platinum blonde hair dye on the areas you want to color later, or a hair toner to create a more silvery color. This allows better color saturation and the whiter your hair is the more the dye will look like the color you want.
·         Manic Panic Virgin Snow
·         Special Effects Mixer Toner 

Brunettes and Bleaching:
Sorry Brunettes, we got the short end of the stick on this one. Hair coloring is SO much easier on `blonde hair and because of this, if you want saturated, bright, crazy colors you’re going to need to bleach! All those horror stories you’ve heard about bleach, hair becoming brittle, broken and falling out are all true! Which is why us brunettes need to be EXTREMELY careful when dying hair. First its important to mention that no matter what bleach you use, it will cause damage! the good thing is after you bleach you can use any color you want because the bleached hair will allow all the color to absorb. 
Suggestions: read the instructions on the bleach carefully and then pick any color to apply.

·         Manic Panic Virgin Snow 

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