Saturday, November 29, 2014

Beautiful Fall Lipstick (Pt 2)

By Kelly Leem

-This recently new lipstick collection has a bunch of colors that’s perfect for fall. One of my favorites is Divine Wine, which is this beautiful, creamy, dark red color that just UGH looks so amazing!

Pigmentation: *****
photo 1.JPG
Maybelline Divine Wine lipstick in the right 
with lipstick bullet exposed.

-The color in the tube is the color you get when you swipe this creamy lipstick on your lips. Such a gorgeous color (I can’t stress that enough)

Packaging: *****
-Like Maybelline’s usual lipstick packaging, it has a silver bottom and a long lipstick case that pops right off. This lipstick collections color is a purplish brown color. I think it looks sleek and it keeps the lipstick nice and covered.

Staying power: ****
-This is a matte lipstick, so it stays on longer. However this lipstick does have a slight creamy sheen to it despite it being matte. It actually stays on pretty long. I like using a lipliner (NYX retractable lip liner Dark Red)  underneath for an extended wear. It wears beautifully and has lasted through my messy eating and drinking. The inner part of your lips and the corners will fade, so you will need to reapply. However, with a lip liner, the problem is not THAT prominent.

Application: *****
-Oh my goodness this lipstick applies so buttery. It has a slight sweet buttery smell (like all of Maybelline’s lipsticks), but it isn’t noticeable once it’s on the lips. It doesn’t dry out my lips which is pretty good because matte lipsticks usually have my lips peeling and dry if I don’t use a lip balm underneath. For this lipstick, slam on a little lip balm, use your lip liner (optional), and swipe this lipstick on and you’re out the door!

Overall: 4.9/5

I really love this lipstick and it’s a good thing it’s not limited collection (I need to stock up soon) because I would be VERY upset if it was. It applies so nicely on the lips and wears nicely throughout a day with and without a lip liner. Highly recommended!

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