Saturday, November 22, 2014

Tarte Air Brush Bamboo Foundation Brush Review

by Yura Shin

Tarte’s Air brush Bamboo Foundation Brush is the perfect brush to achieve a flawlessly blended airbrushed look. Its made with sustainable bamboo and synthetic material. The brush itself is not big/long, but rather short and wide. This gives the user more control of the brush once they start using it. The bristles on the brush are very short and dense, making application extremely easy.
Applying foundation has never been so quick if it wasn’t for this brush. All you do is apply a pea size amount of foundation/BB cream onto the back of your hand, and dab a little products onto your fingers and onto parts of your face. After you spot your face with foundation, slowly buff out the foundation with your brush in a circular motion outwards. The bristles on the brush are very soft and make the application very easy.This gives the “flawless airbrushed” effect.
“Although this brush is extremely soft and dense, the brush absorbs a lot of product because of the size,” senior Harvind Japra said.
Other than that, this brush is great for an everyday and/or a special night out look.
The brush may is a little pricey for some people, it is $32. However, I have bought a lot of “cheap” brushes from drugstores throughout the years and those brushes have only lasted a few months. I have had this Tarte brush for over a year and it is still in great condition. The quality of this brush cannot compare to any drugstore brushes. The price may is expensive for now, but it will save you all the money you’d spend on future “cheap” brushes.
The Tarte’s Air brush Bamboo Foundation Brush can be purchased from Tartes online website, Sephora, and Macy’s.

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