Monday, February 9, 2015

#20 Beautiful Women Challenge

Photos from the #20beautifulwomenschallenge tag

Beautiful Women everywhere
by Yura Shin
The #20beautiful women challenge is a trending instagram hashtag. It has become extremely big and now trending all over the world. 

The #20beautiful women challenge is when a women posts a photo of themselves showing their followers how beautiful they are and tags 20 more beautiful women to do the challenge. As more and more people are getting tagged, more and more people are tagging other people. As the challenge spread amongst many women, it is a symbolic 
hashtag explaining that we are all beautiful. 

Take a photo today, and post it on Instagram with the hashtag #20 beautiful even if you were or weren’t tagged because you are still beautiful.
Photos from the #20beautifulwomenschallenge tag

“It’s a way of telling other people that they’re beautiful and a way of letting else know that they are beautiful too,” senior Rachel Yacono said.

“That hashtag represents showing people that they are beautiful on the inside and out. It’s about lifting other people up and supporting empowerment for women. Instead of always being upset and fighting with one another, we can support each other instead,” senior Kaitlyn McKenna said.

“I feel that with this Challenge and nominating other people, make other people feel beautiful even if it’s just a selfie,” senior Tina Maria Kouridakis said.

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