Thursday, February 5, 2015

Alex and Ani

Making a Statement with Arm Candy
by Yura shin
Photo by Danielle from her Instagram account.

Alex and Ani bracelets have become a fashion statement. They are extremely popular and have definitely become a trend setter for this year. Carolyn Rafaelian is the founder, creative Director, and the CEO of Alex and Ani and makes all of Alex and Ani products “infused with positive energy” bringing good luck to whom may wear the jewelry.

“I love Alex and Ani bracelets because they match everything I wear and I can layer the bracelet with other jewelry. I love the fact that they’re so small and dainty but makes such a simple outfit vibrant,” senior Ysbel Hernandez said.

Alex and Ani  bangle bracelets are worn as charm bracelets. People stack numerous bracelets onto their arm as arm candy making it seem like a chunk of bracelets. Each bracelet has a little charm like a money, flower, and heart making each individual bracelet have a meaning to it.

Get your bracelet today from Alex and Ani’s website. They range from about $20-$40 depending on the design and type of metal.

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