Monday, February 16, 2015

Wig Review

Long black wig review
by Kelly Leem

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Ever since I cut my hair to donate it (again), I’ve regretted doing it (again). As a result, I really miss how long hair used to look on me. So, I decided to purchase a good quality wig from ebay from a seller named cdmnwx (if you were wondering). I got it about 2 weeks later in the estimated date time and I was so excited to open it!

Packaging: *****
-It was in a hairnet to prevent the hairs from going all over the place, a free wig cap was provided, and the packaging was pretty secure.

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Quality: ****
-The hair didn’t look too shiny and artificial. It actually looked pretty natural in outside and inside lighting. The hair was soft to the touch and when brushing it out, not a lot of hair was pulled out; which means the hairs are secure in the wig cap. It does become tangled, so you need to make sure that you brush it thoroughly. The wig itself doesn’t really shed (few hairs have fallen out) but since it isn’t real hair, it does become staticy when you brush it with a regular hair brush. You can wet it down a bit just to get rid of it, as well as using dryer sheets. Don’t forget to use a steel comb which you can also get on ebay for really really cheap (.89 cents).

It isn’t too thin, or too thick. It has enough hair to cover my entire head and it fits my head perfectly! You can adjust it to your head size if you’d like, but I didn’t have too. You have the option to choose your color, and I chose black because it seemed like a more natural color  (though it looks like a dark dark brown under indoor lighting)

Price: ****
-I don’t really like spending a lot of money. Since this was the first wig that’s ever worked out pretty well for me, the $36.69 is worth it. Just remember, in most cases, cheaper prices mean cheaper made wigs that don’t work well (I know from experience). Keep in mind, long haired wigs usually cost more than shorter wigs

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Note: Since this is a long wig, it’s a little harder to handle because of all the hair, but you can tie the wig into different styles as you would with your real hair :)

Wig name:
Long natural straight red brown heat resistant women lady girl full wig wigs

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