Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Lip Hop x Little Twin Stars Hyaluronic Acid and Shea Butter Lip Balm

     I was shopping through Ebay when I found this really really cute lip balm and I had to just buy it. I got it about 2-3 weeks later and it was so cute, that I kept the packaging as well.

Smell: *****
-It smells like strawberries! It doesn't smell too artificial but it doesn't smell real. It's very subtle and isn't strong.

Texture: *****
-It's so buttery and soft. It glides on the lips so nicely without feeling greasy. It adds a beautiful shine to the lips and makes it look so plush.

Lasting power: *****
-After eating and drinking a lot of things, even eating chicken teriyaki, it stayed put until I wiped it off.

Packaging: *****
-It's very pastel with very soft colors and cute illustrations. I just had to keep the packaging because I couldn't bear to throw it out. The lip balm itself also has very cute visuals on it and whenever I use it, I feel like a pastel princess!

Price: ****
-I bought this for $5.85 online (plus shipping), which I felt was ehhh.. It's roughly the size of chapstick, but twice the price. I bought it solely for the packaging, so it was fine for me.

Overall: *****
-I high recommend this lip balm! It's very pastel, cute, and it moisturizes like a dream (it healed my drier lips in conjunction with the Rosebud Salve)!

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