Sunday, February 21, 2016

Axent Wear Cat Ear Headphones Review~

The time has finally come! It’s been a year since I pre-ordered the anticipated Axent Wear headphones, and it’s finally on my head, ready to use. I had a problem with my address
at Brookstone (the manufacturer of Axent Wear), and they had to reship my order. I guess it’s fine, but I was getting impatient.

Price: *****
-The price is fantastic for quality you get! Beats usually cost around $400, but these headphones only cost around 120-150. The reason I’m saying it was around $120 was because I had preordered it, so it ended up costing less. You get a lot for what you pay for.

Specs: *****
-When you first open the box, there’s -oh look- another box! The Axent Wear box has nice images on it and it’s really pretty ( I didn’t throw it out ). After you cut it open, you’ll find that it has this nice and hard case inside. Open it, and bam, there are your headphones, usb charger, gaming mic, and the thing that connects your headphones to your electronics. It comes with beautiful LEDs on the ears and on the sides. I got mine in blue, but now that I love purple (Thanks, Syndra), I kind of want the purple headphones too. They’re super vibrant and light up really nicely. You can charge them with the provided usb. It comes with a detachable gaming mic, for all of you gamers out there. The cat ears are also external speakers. They’re pretty loud, so you don’t have to worry about turning up the volume too much. The headphone cushions fit comfortably around my ears and block out the sound very well. I mean like VERY WELL. When I put the headphones on, I can barely hear anything. It could be a good thing or bad thing, but of course it all depends on your personal preference.

Shipping: ***
-My headphones ended up getting shipped back to the warehouse. I had to call 3 customer service representatives for Brookstone to get my address right. In the end, they still screwed up my address. They even added a random 9. How nice of them!

Quality: ****
-They fit nice and snuggly on the head, and they’re pretty comfortable. However, they are a bit...heavy. My head is on the smaller side, but over time the headphones sort of squeeze against my head and causes some strain so I have to take them off. They do take up some space in your bag, so if you’re thinking about carrying them around, be sure to take a larger bag with you. Other then that, the sound quality is really nice and the headphones themselves are pretty durable. I was dancing on the street when they fell off and one of the ear pieces (not the cat ears) popped off. I saw the wires and I was like, “oh no… I hope I still have insurance on them” . It took me 10 minutes to pop the earpiece back in, and it worked fine! Klutz approved!

These headphones definitely turn heads (*insert drum*). People have never seen these headphones on the streets, so you get a lot of stares. I know I did. At night, it looks even better because you can turn on the lights and look like a walking light show.  I really do love these headphones, and hopefully I don’t break them like I did with my other ones.

I did a photoshoot with the headphones on as ZSS:

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