Friday, March 25, 2016

Etude House Berry Delicious Lash Perm Curl Fix Mascara

To be honest, I only bought this mascara for the packaging because I love strawberries and this mascara had strawberries printed all over the top of the mascara tube. Well, it wasn’t the only reason. I really wanted a light brown mascara and the color they offered was a light brown. I had high expectations for this mascara, and I wasn’t disappointed! 
The seller I bought it from: 

Packaging: *****
It’s so cute! I love the color combo because it reminds me of chocolate covered strawberries *mouth waters*. Not only that, but there are strawberries all over the mascara tube too! The mascara wand is kinda weird. It’s a bit iffy, but it gets the job done pretty nicely! I use the closer bristled part to comb out my lashes and extend them, then I go into the wider bristled part to add more volume.IMG_0233.JPG

Color: *****
It’s a really nice milk chocolate light brown color. My eyelashes are black, and this mascara tinted it to this soft brown color that I’ve been looking for!

Lasting power: *****
When I say this is waterproof, IT’S WATERPROOF! It won’t come off with water, and you have to use an oil based makeup remover (I use coconut oil) to really get rid of it.

Does it work? *****
I haven’t tried this with uncurled lashes, but with curled lashes, it definitely extended my eyelashes making them look long with a natural voluminous look to them. It held up the curl really well and didn’t let my lashes droop all day. It really is magic!

^ Before (uncurled) ^After (curled with mascara)

Overall: *****
I would definitely recommend this to people who have trouble with keeping their curl throughout the day and also with smudging. It’s great for asian lashes, and I’m sure it would work just as well for any other lash types! Plus, the packaging is really cute :).

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