Thursday, October 2, 2014

DIY- Scarecrow Costume

Scarecrow Girl
by Yura Shin

A Scarecrow is an easy basic costume. If you’re someone who isn’t big on Halloween but still want to participate without putting in too much work, this costume is perfect for you. It’s an extremely casual outfit, not too crazy, and a cute way to dress up. All the materials needed are basic essentials you should already have laying around in the house!

Materials: Black eyeliner, red/orange eyeshadow, flannel, jeans, and boots


You can work on a bare face if desired. If not, go for a very natural look first.

-Nose: Take an eyeliner, preferably a liquid eyeliner, and cover your nose with a triangle shape. Fill in the entire triangle with a red/orange shade eyeshadow. Then draw little lines with your eyeliner on the outside edge. This will give the stitch effect.

-Eyes: We are going to work with our lower lash line area now. Therefore, draw vertical lines that are long and thick under your eye with the same eyeliner making it look like ‘lower lashes.’ This can be as long as you want, depending on how dramatic you want your eyes. Some lashes can be shorter, or longer, or thicker. Each ‘lash’ does not have to look the same.

-Mouth: With the same eyeliner, we are going to work on the outer corners of our mouth. Draw on an extended smile with the eyeliner. Your line/smile can be as long or thick as you want. Afterwards, make little lines on the smile like you did earlier with your nose. This will give the same stitch effect. Do this on both sides of your mouth.


-Take any flannel, preferably, green, red, or blue and wear it. Stay away from bright colors. If you have any black overalls, wear that on top of your flannel. If not, just throw on your flannel with a pair of jeans. Your outfit can go with any brown or black boots and even some moccasins. To top off the entire costume, add a straw hat to give it more of a scarecrow look. 

Items were purchased from:
Flannel on the Left: Nordstrom
Shoes on the Left: Minnetonka
Flannel on the Right: Timing

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