Friday, October 31, 2014

DIY- Batgirl Costume


Batman is one of the biggest comic book superheroes of all time. Halloween is a perfect time to dress up as your favorite character. Batman is one of the quickest, and easiest superheros to recreate at home. Since many people already know who Batman is, your costume can be very flexible.

Pick out any black clothing item. It can be a black top with a black skirt/pants, or a black one piece dress. Wear whichever clothing item you feel most comfortable in. Pair it off with any black boots. After you wear your outfit, print out a batman logo/symbol. Cut out the sign as precisely as possible and tape it against your chest.

If you have any face paint laying around your house, you can also paint on a mask. Face paint is a nice way to complete your costume without having to carry/wear your mask all day.

Batgirl Mask:
Materials: A piece of cardboard at least the size of your face, scissor/box cutter, hole puncher, pencil, string/a piece of elastic, black paint or black sharpie, newspaper (optional)

Look in the mirror to estimate how big you want your mask to be so you can adjust it to your face size. Then take your piece of cardboard and sketch out a drawing with your pencil. There are many shapes/designs you can create your mask. After you decided on the final shape of your mask, outline the drawing with a pen or sharpie. Do not forget to make holes for your eyes, nose, and lips. Cut out the mask with your scissor or box cutter. Color in your mask with a black sharpie or paint it with black paint. Paint your mask on top of newspaper to prevent a mess. If you are painting your mask, wait a few hours to ensure that it is dried. Afterwards, take your hole puncher, and punch a hole on the side. Do it on both sides. Add your string/ elastic to help keep your mask in place with your face.

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