Friday, October 24, 2014

DIY - Scary School Girl

by Brenda Montero

Want to be something cute and scary at the same time? Originality shows through on Halloween and this year might be the time you want to stand out with an original creation. The Scary school-girl costume can come from any idea that seems scary and flattering to you. You can practically make a design with all the items listed and still make it look different from everyone elses!

What you need for this costume:

How to apply your makeup:

First things first: Always start with the base for the makeup. Use foundation to cover up any marks on your face that are irregular, and concealer to cover up the dark circles. Once the base application is done begin to start with eyeshadow (whichever color is preferable), and apply it to the top of your eyes.

Then begin to use any top eyeliner, usually the liquid one works best (the one I used is ELF [$1.00] , and Kat Von D [$18.00]) and then put on the faux eyelashes. Sometimes they can turn out to be dramatically long, so its okay to give it a little trim. Next for the eyes all that is necessary is adding black or white waterline eyeliner to emphasize the eyes in a darker way and show off the color of your eyes. Lastly, use very thick mascara to thicken the faux eyelashes even more (I used Clinique [16.50]).

Once application on the eyes are finished, you can then begin working on the emphasis such as the over-exaggerated pink cheeks with blush. Then, color in your eyebrows to make them even thicker and fuller.

Finish it off by just drawing a heart shape on your lips to give it that doll effect without actually coloring your entire lips. (This is sort of related to the queen of hearts in Alice in Wonderland.)

How to apply the scars:
-Begin with deciding where exactly you want your stitches placed, In my decision I chose to put them across my cheeks connecting to my mouth to give it more of that rag doll look. To draw those I simply used eyeliner to give it a dark emphasizing look. Once that’s finished you then apply the scars to your face. I chose to put one on my forehead and my neck to spread out the look. First you begin by using liquid latex [3.99 from party city], and then using toilet paper to make it look crumpled and rotten. Once thats applied I use my same color concealer and foundation and then apply it to the fake scar to make it look like my skin is actually ripping apart. I then apply fake blood [3.99 from party city] and and draw in stitch marks again to still make it scary. (I do the same for the other scar on my neck.)

How to fix the Hair:
  • The hair can be worn various ways, I just chose to put it in pigtails to make it feel more like a school girl.

How to create the outfit:
-Tie    -Fishnets

First begin by having an idea on what you want to wear. For this costume particularly I began by putting on the fishnets and ripping them to make them feel worn out and scary. Then put on a plaid skirt and a collared white shirt. Once the basics are on, wear a blazer or cardigan, and then the tie to make it seem like a school girl. Now the scary school girl costume is complete!

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