Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Let’s Be A Doll

by Kelly Leem

In Japan, the Harajuku and Lolita fashion is skyrocketing! Popular models such as Tsubasa Masuwaka and Popteen Model Nana Suzuki have inspired many girls to express the Lolita Fashion Style as well as the Gyaru makeup that makes their eyes look huge like a doll.

Youtubers like VenusAngelic, Dakota Rose, and Anastasiya Shpagina, with many views has already inspired many girls worldwide including America to start wearing this type of makeup.

photo-1.JPGDoll Eyes
Products you’ll need:  
-Brown, champagne, light copper, dark brown.
~Fake Lashes (top and bottom lashes)
~Red lipstain (you can use a pigmented red lipstick) or light baby pink lipstick
~Pink shimmery blush (optional)

  1. Apply your foundation or concealer if you wish.
  2. Apply an eyeshadow primer before using your eyeshadows for long lasting wear.
  3. Apply a shimmery copper eyeshadow all over your lid and your lower lashline. This will add a tiny bit of depth
  4. Take out your false lashes and apply your top lashes and bottom lashes of your choice. Bottom lashes will emphasize the size of your eyes and so does the top lashes making your eyes look fluttery...like a doll!
  5. Take a brown shadow and apply it under your bottom lashes and blend it out.
  6. Add that same brown shadow to your crease to emphasize and make  your crease look deeper.
  7. Take a shimmery highlighting color and apply it to your inner corners! This will brighten your eyes and enlarge them.
  8. Apply a light pink shimmery blush or any blush color of your choice to make those cheeks glow.
  9. Apply a red lip stain in a gradation effect; concentrating the color in the middle of your lips and blending it out will make your lips look smaller and doll like! If you prefer a light pink lipstick, then go ahead and apply that to your lips instead.
  10. Style your hair and wear the cutest outfit you can find! Go out and be a doll!

This is a general video on how to achieve this look, but there are tons of other videos on youtube that have different styled dolly eyes that you could do! Enjoy.

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