Thursday, October 9, 2014

DIY- Where's Waldo Costume


Waldo from Where’s Waldo is one of the simplest costumes out there! It’s easy, it’s manageable, and it’s quick. This costume can be worn by both male and female. Most people will understand who you are just by the red and white striped shirt!

Red and white striped shirt, red and white hat, big black glasses, denim jeans, brown boots, a cane

This costume is pretty self explanatory. Wear a red and white striped shirt (If you don’t have one, read below to find out how to make one) with a pair of denim jeans and brown boots. Top it off with a red and white hat, preferably a pam beanie and black glasses. They can be any glasses rather its sunglasses, or a 3D movies glasses. Poke out the lenses and you are good to go. You can carry around a brown wooden cane if you want like the way Waldo does.

In order to make the red and white striped shirt, you will need a plain white shirt, red fabric paint along with a brush, (from Michaels or any craft store) tape, and newspaper so you  don’t make a mess. Lay your your newspaper on top of your working area so you don’t get red paint everywhere. Then lay out your white shirt. It is recommended to put some newspaper in the shirt so the paint does not seep through to the other side. Then take your tape and stick the shirt down against the newspaper to hold it in place. Make sure to tape the shirt all the way up and down horizontally. The tape will be your whitestripes. In the area you did not tape, take your brush and fabric paint and completely paint all the exposed parts of the shirt. After you are done, remove all the tape and wait for your paint to dry. If you want, paint the back of the shirt, repeat the process.

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