Saturday, December 6, 2014

Beautiful Fall Lipstick (Pt 3)

by Kelly Leem

NYX Jumbo Lip pencil: Deep Red

photo 1.JPG-This jumbo lip pencil has the same exact name as the retractable lip liner I use. Which means these two products would work pretty nicely together (which I have yet to test). It’s not a lipstick, but it’s a lip product that comes in the same packaging as the NYX jumbo pencils.

Pigmentation: *****
-It’s as it’s name says. It’s a beautiful creamy dark red that stains the lips, so you should put a lip liner underneath. The downside to it staining, could also make you look like the joker if you accidentally smudge it, so be careful (it’s very pigmented). Also, you might want to pat it down a bit with a tissue because it’s so creamy that it’ll just move around.

Packaging: ***
-It’s the same exact packaging as the NYX Jumbo pencil. However, my cap broke, so it presses down on the pencil and just squishes it flat, so that’s a no no (don’t break the cap). You do have to sharpen it with a special pencil sharpener that sharpens larger pencils (I use Revlon’s Pencil Sharpener; It’s black and has 2 holes. One of the holes can be adjusted to the size of your pencil and works fine with this product).

photo 2.JPGStaying Power ****
-It stays nicely on the lips. But, like I said, it’s pretty cream, so it’ll pretty much go everywhere you wipe your lips on, so that could contribute to a shorter lasting power.

Application: ****
-It’s harder to apply it from the pencil because it’s not as precise. So, you might need to use a lip pencil to precisely apply it for a nice and clean look. It does tend to smear sometimes and go everywhere, so I need to blot it down before applying another thin layer to add the glossiness back.

Overall: 4.5/5
-It’s a nice color and I like that it stains my lips because I love my lips to look red. It’s a beautiful fall color and it’s pretty cheap too! I definitely recommend this product.

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