Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Seasonal Hair Transition

Going Lighter to Darker
by Yura shin

As the weather is changing from warm to cold, people tend to change their hair color to match the season. People go lighter during the spring and summer, and go dark during the fall and winter.

Since few years ago, the ombre trend has been becoming more and more popular. The ombre effect is when the top of your hair (towards the scalp) is dark, and as your hair goes down, it gets lighter and lighter.

With the ombre hair, people have been turning their ombre lighter where the tips of their hair are almost blonde. However, during the colder season, people have been dying their hair in a darker ombre effect where the tips are now a medium brown color.

But not all people have the ombre hair style. Some people just have regular hair dye, but are still going darker for the fall time. For example, I had light golden brown hair, but for the fall time, I dyed it completely black. Now, since the dye washed out a little bit, the black dye isn’t too harsh and is now just dark brown.

Dark Ash Brown, Dark Mahogany Brown, Dark Auburn, and Dark Golden Brown are all dark beautiful colors for this season.

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