Friday, December 19, 2014

Smokey Fall eyes

by Kelly Leem

Even though fall is probably over, warm browns and reds are still in this winter to warm up the cold temperatures. Here’s how you create a nice and simple smokey eye that has transitions of all these warm colors.

What you need:
photo 1.JPG-Eyeshadow primer
-A dark brown eyeshadow
-A Copper red eyeshadow
-A creme colored eyeshadow (as a transition)
-Black gel or liquid eyeliner

Note: All eyeshadows being used was from the NYX “Love in Paris” eyeshadow palette

photo 2.JPG

  1. Apply your eyeshadow primer all over your eyelid and under your eye. I’m using the Milani eyeshadow primer
  2. Take your creme colored eyeshadow and apply it all over the eyelid, inner corner, and up to the browbone
  3. Taking the deep brown color, roughly apply it all over the eyelid and under the eye.
  4. Take the copper red eyeshadow and apply it right on top of the crease.
  5. Take a lighter gold color and lightly apply it on top of the copper red color
  6. Take any blending brush (I’m using the ELF blending brush and a blending brush from aliexpress.com) and start to blend the colors together. Make sure you do it neatly otherwise it will look muddy
  7. Use your black gel liner or liquid eyeliner and apply it on the lower lash line lightly and create a nice wing on the upper eyelid. Make sure you tightline your upper waterline so your eyes look more intense
  8. Curl your eyelashes and apply your choice of mascara on both the upper and lower lashes
  9. Optional: You can use fake eyelashes to make your eyes look larger.

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