Friday, December 12, 2014

Dolly Black Contact Lense review

by Kelly Leem
Color contacts make up a big part of makeup now a days because they can change the color of someone’s eyes without going under the knife. It visually enlarges the eye while adding a cute touch of color that can enlarge your eye and make it cuter looking (like puppy eyes). It’s used in gyaru makeup for the purpose of making their eyes look as big as doll eyes. Gyarus’ in Japan tend to use more colorful contact lenses, while the korean styled ulzzangs’ use brown and black lenses that add enlargement but are more natural looking.

~Enlargement: 5/5
~Color: 5/5
~Comfort: 4/5
~Design: 5/5
Overall: 4.5/5

~The design in the sun looks really nice! You can see how the black blends into my brown eyes, but indoors, it looks pitch black which I was going for. It’s pretty natural; no one really pointed out if I was wearing contact lenses. However, my eyes got dried out within the end of the school day. Usually it lasts the entire day, but this one kinda got dry on my eyes, so you might need some eye drops to rewet them.
The difference between the eye enlargement (Left eye, with contacts: Right eye, without contacts)

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